Why Charter?

The positive differences between buying a commercial plane ticket and chartering an aircraft are numerous. With an aircraft charter you are creating the flight yourself; YOU decide where, when, and how many go along, all while retaining an exclusive experience and avoiding the hassles of standard commercial travel.

In some instances, a single plane ticket with a major commercial airline may be a cheaper option, but is also carries a handful of inconveniences and logistics that are eliminated when the flight is yours.

Here are some frequently-asked comparison topics for those considering charter for the first time:

Private Charter Benefits

  • Highly Flexible departure dates & times. (You set the time frame).
  • Smaller private charters have many more destination airport options that large commercial flights can’t fit in. (wider range of destinations).
  • Minimal preflight- We have the plane ready to depart so you and your passengers can arrive minutes before departure. (Show up and get on your way).

Commercial Flight Challenges

  • Pre-set, rigid flight times.
  • Destination options are limited to crowded major airports.
  • Must arrive up to 2 hours prior to takeoff to go through lengthy check-in and security checks before waiting in line to board the aircraft.