Teaming with PJ Air benefits our customers in many ways:

My family travels to Tahoe for vacation every year. Typically, we drive but decided to try a chartered flight for our trip last fall. PJ Air made the trip something we will never forget. We were able to get into the small local airport minutes from our hotel making the entire trip easier!

- Excited Flyer

Flying with PJ Air truly doesn’t compare to the chore of Commercial flying. No long wait times, extra luggage costs, and other frustrations of commercial airlines. Everything was convenient and smooth from planning to landing.

- Happy Passenger

I recently needed a highly sensitive piece of equipment transported to a customer with a very limited time window. After exhausting all options, PJ Air was able to step in and get the job completed. They were not only able to safely meet the deadline, but did so with a personal touch I’ve never experienced with other companies.

- Satisfied Customer